A brighter future!

We are a powerful ally and advocate for our communities. Our experience and strong relationships in 10,000 neighborhoods across the nation mean that we are able to organize grassroots efforts and influence public policy around a range of social issues including child welfare, education and public health.

Through advocacy at the local, state and federal levels, the Y is:

  • Bringing families safe and affordable child care and afterschool options
  • Making healthy choices available in communities to help prevent chronic disease
  • Ensuring that Ys have the ability to be a resource for healthy living, youth development and social responsibility in the communities they serve

Local Y Partnerships

The Y works with your community and its agencies to bring programs and services to local families.

American Camping Association

All YMCA camps are ACA-accredited and meet established quality guidelines, procedures and practices.

Beacons Network

The Minneapolis Beacons Network is a collaborative initiative between schools, community, and families with the mission to improve academic, social, and lifework development of youth in low-income communities.

Search Institute

The Y use the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets when developing youth programs.

United Way

The Y works with and is a resource for the Greater Twin Cities United Way which focuses on three key areas: Basic Needs, Education and Health.

YMCA of the USA

The Y is an interconnected global network with the resources and innovative solutions to help people reach their potential and make our communities stronger. There are YMCAs in more than 120 countries, each serving the unique needs of their community.